Job Interview Tips 2017-18 How to answer tricky questions in a Job Interview

Job Interview Tips 2017-18 How to answer tricky questions in a Job Interview.

Let me ask you a question are you a smart capable person? You must be right? That would be your answer. Ok then I have another question for you, how well do you handle tricky questions? is your answer still the same, do you still
Think that you are a smart person ah-haan.

Job Interview Tips 2017-18 How to answer tricky questions in a Job Interview

Job Interview Tips 2017-18 How to answer tricky questions in a Job Interview

I caught you answering the tricky questions is where most people get caught especially for job interviews because that gets you off guard. right you don’t even know when they question you and right there their question
is don’t worry it’s not just you we all face such situations in life, and we all gets into situations when we are asked tricky questions, and we have to answer them, so that gets really difficult but what should you do the question is how should you handle tricky questions? well my answer is first you should not panic you should relax and second you should keep Reading this Article because today we are going to learn how to answer tricky questions which
are very difficult to answer but very smartly,

Trust me on this one sometimes the problem is not with how you understand the question but with the person asking the question and

mostly it’s the question itself which means either he has put the question wrongly or maybe he missed out on adding some information.If you have no idea where to begin a question.

You are really confused then there is a high chance that the person didn’t put their words carefully, so what should you do then? Well, you should politely ask that person to explain their question to you in different words, which means to ask for clarification for instance if they ask you the question where do you see the role that you applied for heading in three years?

You would easily realize that this is a vague question, which means it is not cleared what job role is he talking about and what will happen to the job role at three years. So you could response with something like this” That’s a great question, but I am not sure where to start is there any way you could be a bit more specific with that question.

Then they would respond how do you think the primary responsibilities will change for this job role in the next three years, which will be easier for you answer and to describe how the job responsibilities will change in the future.

So this way you will be able to ask for clarification a time when you feel that you have not Understood the question, so ask for clarification to answer smartly.If you are asked a question in a job interview which includes a word or a term for which you don’t know the meaning, what should you do then? How should you tackle it and how should you proceed. Well for this one its best to ask for clarification as I have already told you, then to answer by guessing the meaning of the word which may, in turn, make you look like a real fool because in an interview you can’t try guessing.

However mostly you will be presented with a question which includes a flexible term like a failure, and you can use this term for your own benefit, for instance, suppose that in a job interview you are asked a question. Like, describe the Last time you failed and made a mistake at work? That is really tricky and what you did about it? You have to answer this as well, this can seem like a really tricky question.

However, you can take it on yourself to define field you can use the field for your own benefit so instead of talk about that time you failed to meet a major deadline. You can choose to describe the time you failed to implement a good work and life balance for example when you worked over time for a week harming your own personal life while benefiting the company. This way the interviewer will have no opportunity to doubt your dedication into the company, and you will use the word failure to your advantage.

So you can use such flexible terms for your personal benefits to give smart answers to tricky questions.Do you know that your attitude is sometimes just as important as the actual words that you use in an interview yes that is true especially when it comes to a job interview, which is our topic for the day.

Yes, many job interview questions are specifically asked to test how much you actually know about your job role or how well will you fit into that job role. Because it’s so, therefore, most interviewers will not expect you to know the answer to ever because its just not practically possible to know the answer to every question. in fact sometimesthe way you tackle the question which means the answer to every question, in fact sometimes the way you tackle the question which means the way you handle the question and your generalattitude speaks volume which mean speaks a lot about you.

what I mean here is if youdon’t know the answer and you quickly accept that you don’t have a ready answer to that question, this will surely impress the interviewer must faster than a nervous and half hatredresponse.

They are quick to understand a nervous behavior, for example, suppose you’re asked how you would picture yourself working with the advertising department If you were giventhe role of a sales person with a new company?

Though you may not have a clue about workingwith the advertising department and as a sales person and you don’t know what you would do you don’t know the real answer in reality but talking with confidence , courage andenthusiasm about how much you would like to take up challenges and newer opportunities. maybe the once you are not ever familiar with ,this will help you gain brownie points Ican promise you on that because the interviewer will know that you are ready to take up newchallenges and you are not afraid to answer a question that you don’t know the answerto, so in this case your attitude and your behaviour matter much more than your answer, so use this strategy to answer smart and tricky questions.

Many a times in a job interview you maybe unlucky enough to be asked an inappropriatequestion such as” Are you thinking of taking time out of the workplace to have childrenin the near future?

It can be really hard to know how to response to such a questionor to such a query, however thinking that you still really want the job you might wantto answer this and a sensible approach which means a sensible attempt to such a questionis to react in a very short manner. Just say “No I am not” and then redirect the questionyou can take the question to another direction or to another topic for instance to continue with the whole idea and example that I have shared with you your answer would go as follow”No I am not as I am really encouraged to use my extensive and great experience in this field to further my skills in areas for example

: – you can give the areas that you can think of XYZ” for now, so this is how you can redirect a question which you think is inappropriate, this means that you can lead the topic elsewhere and from your personal life you can lead thequestion back to your skills. So this is one more why to answer a tricky question in avery very smart manner. So whenever we need to answer a really tricky question, we need to get into a very careful habit and this habit is to speak in a controlled tone and leaving slight pauses while you speak, So you should pause and manage your tone which means that you should not sound too loud. too offensive or just too nervous or too soft.

Sometimes a few extra seconds of pauses can really make a difference to your answer because when you pause you get the opportunity actually to think about what you are saying , be, you get the opportunity to recollect of your thoughts, and you can look the examiner in the eye. And you can allow yourself to have a brief moment using that as I said you could collect your thoughts and think of what your answer would be, so that’s the time when you use to recollect your thoughts have a positive body language and answer. Ok now even though this person doesn’t help this point done help you answer the question directly. But this will definitely help you look more confident, and as I told you your body language and the way you behave in front of the interviewer is just as important as the words, Sometimes you may not have just the correct answer, but the way you appear and your confidence makes you appear really strong and confident.

Sobe strong and look her in the eyes, take some pauses and answer a smart question in a very tricky way. Many a times during an interview you can actually choose to answer a question back with a question, yes you heard it right.

If the interviewer ask you a question you could also ask him a question back that’s absolutely correct, but you should only do this if it’s a really tricky question because if you turn the tables on your questioner it can encourage a reallyhealthy discussion and sometimes maybe the interviewer even forgets to ask you the answer to the first question that he asked you which you were not able to answer ok now net megive you a real-life situation for example-A child ask his parent are you getting divorced, now that would be a very awkward situation and it would be very difficult for the parentto answer this question but by answering this very smartly the parent can divert the child’s attentions they could say why are you asking this? so this way they can easily divert and distract the child completely and the same way when you are in an interview if the interviewer ask you inappropriate question or if he ask you for an opinion on a topic which you are not able to answer so in that case you could ask him back “what’s your opinion on this?And it’s very nice if you could add the phrase “If I may ask what your opinion on this” by adding this phrase” If I may ask you” you will sound even more polite andgentle to the interviewer.When you are in your job interview even if you fell as though you’re answer to someone’s question isn’t quite what they were hoping for , a good strategy would be to end youranswer with a positive statement or a fact that actually encourages them to ask you followup questions that you can answer obviously more readily and more easily for example suppose you’re asked in a job interview “why you are leaving your previous job role with another company “?

Now that’s very tricky ending your response you could answer I have heard many good things about the upcoming sale sales figure of your company at this quarter andwanted to move to a more prestige’s organization then my previous one so this one provides the answer on a positive note, upon which you can move to the next question. So this way you can actually end that question on a very positive note and always remember to end it with a smile and with confidence, so make sure whatever question you answer with you know the answer or not you must answer it with a positive approach and with complimenting the interviewer and his organization.Whatever be  the question remember to always end with a smile and a positive statement whenever possible preferable one that shows how great your attitude is toward your previous company and even the company that you are trying to enter into, And keep breathing keep smiling stay steady and be strong and also remember not to beat yourself up if you are not able to get it right we all make mistakes and its always good to get better.

So thank you for Reading this Article (job interview Tips). I hope you have learned a lot about how to answer a tricky question in a smart way, so all the best for your next job interview and thank you staying with me do not forget to Share This Article To Your Friends & Family. Keep Sharing This On Social Media.


Job Interview Tips 2017-18 How to answer tricky questions in a Job Interview
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Job Interview Tips 2017-18 How to answer tricky questions in a Job Interview
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