National Paints Abu Dhabi,Sharjah,Saudi Arabia Jobs 2016 Apply Now

National Paints Abu Dhabi,Sharjah,Saudi Arabia Jobs 2016 Apply Now At National Paints we strive to provide products that help make peoples lives more vibrant and colorful.
By way of a brief introduction, since our founding in early 1969 at Amman, Jordan, we have been moving forward at a rapid pace by capitalizing on all growth opportunities and improving our operating efficiency so as to expand on our global presence and sharpen our product portfolio. The rapid development of the U.A.E. since it was formed in 1971 has resulted in a massive construction boom, with the nation developing from a collection of small towns into the modern cities of today. The country has established an infrastructure to rival that of any developed country in the world. With so much building activity taking place, there has also been the need for paints, be it for road marking, protecting buildings or simply for decoration. We are proud to say that our company has developed alongside the U.A.E. to become a major player in the global market-National Paints Jobs in Sharjah.
Job Title Job Role Location
Logistic Assistant Logistics UAE
AC Technician Other Sharjah – UAE
Customer Service Clerk Secretarial Sharjah – UAE
Accountant – General Accounting/Banking/Finance Sharjah – UAE
Project Supervisor Sales Sharjah – UAE
Supervisor – Retail Sales Sharjah – UAE
Data Entry Clerk – Customer Service Secretarial Sharjah – UAE
Customer Service Agent Support Services Sharjah – UAE
Storekeeper – General Other Sharjah – UAE
R & D Chemist Research Sharjah – UAE
Technical Sales Assistant – General Sales Sharjah – UAE
Group Process Engineering Manager Management Sharjah – UAE
ERP Manager Technology/IT Sharjah – UAE
Quality Control Manager Quality Control Sharjah – UAE
Group Sales Analyst Sales Sharjah – UAE
Group Marketing Manager Marketing/PR Sharjah – UAE
Group Sales Manager Sales Sharjah – UAE
HR Manager Human Resources/Personnel Saudi Arabia
Accounts and Finance Manager Accounting/Banking/Finance Saudi Arabia
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