Salary increase for Government employees in budget 2016-2017 in pakistan

Salary increase for Government employees in budget 2016-2017 in pakistan. Government of Punjab issued notification of salary increase for the job Holders in all over Punjab.Punjab is a province where population of 12 Crore and the awareness level and the rate of education is high because lots of the law makers were from this province of Pakistan.Now Pakistan is making the new survival.Lots of the people whose are making the protest according to the salary increase.It is way that they are demanding that salary should be increase if it is very low and the power of the common man should be in front of the world.It is the true that according to the notification of the salary increase pay package of the government servant increase with the percentage of 10%.It is not for just only one scale but it increase in every scale like from 1 to on the high level.It is in the law that salary will be increase in every year when the budget will be announce.The announcement of the salary increase make take a plan according to the finance minister and the team of the finance mister.It is the true thing is that when the announcement of the budget according to the salary increase 10 percentage then the protesters whose were employee,they came on the roads and make the protest that salary is not according to the expenses of the every day life.